"Dancers are the athletes of God..." Albert Einstein     



What to look for in a Dance Studio


Nowadays, parents and families have so many choices.  Sometimes the simplest choice is not necessarily the best.  Many parents chose schools based on location, price or class time availability.  Our suggestion is that you take the time to look into the following areas. There are no regulations of performing arts teachers or studios in the United States. Anyone can open a school and call themselves a dance teacher! So how do you choose? What questions should you ask? And when you ask the right questions, what answers should you be looking for?


1. Check the background and qualifications of the Faculty.​

It's always important to make sure that your child's instructors are qualified, especially where dance training is concerned. Dance instructors are not licensed in this country - anyone can claim to be able to teach your child to dance! Ask for information on the instructor's background - read their resumes (there's no replacing experience) - and most importantly, observe them teaching a class. Remember also that just because an instructor has a great talent for dancing does not ensure that they possess the gifts necessary to teach and inspire.  Be careful to notice who the school has chosen to teach the lower levels.  Are the teachers experienced and qualified?  These are the most important and formative years in a young dancer's life.


2. Check out their Website, Business License... and, of course, Visit the studio.​

Check our their Website.  If they don't even have one, or are not licensed to do business in the city in which you live, be very wary. Studios/Dance Teachers that do not have an internet presence may have something less than professional to hide :(.  If they don't have a business license, then they may be operating illegally and/or not have insurance coverage for the facility.  Is their Website current, does it look like it was designed for today's Contemporary Dance Art trend, or is it outdated and lack-luster?  Typically, studio's that stay current in the Arts and Education also maintain a current, professional-looking website.

Visit the Studio: In addition to all of the things you would normally look for such as a clean, safe environment, check to make sure the studios have barres and mirrors. And most importantly, look at the floor. Dance should not be taught on surfaces such as concrete, linoleum, tile, carpet etc. Jumping on a floor that has no "give" to it can lead to shin splints, knee injuries, and other problems.   Also notice the class size.


3. Ask about the Annual Performance and other performance opportunities​.

Performing is important.  It gives a young dancer valuable stage experience, boosts their self esteem, and provides the opportunity to showcase what they've learned during the year. 

And What Do We Offer?

1. Our Facility - Our state of the art Studio is upstairs at 126 NW D Street in Grants Pass, just across the street from Dutch Bros. Coffee House.  We have just under 3500 sq. ft of studio space, with 4 dance rooms to accommodate classes of all styles and age groups. Our floors are state of the art, professional-grade Marley dance floors designed to give the proper amount of "cushion" that dancers need to train properly and prevent injuries.  Our Studio has large observation windows outside each dance room so that parents can watch their children from designated viewing areas. 


2. Our Experienced & Professional Staff - Our teaching staff is highly qualified, with years of performing, teaching and choreographic experience, as well as skills and talents specific to the styles and age groups they instruct.  All That Jazz has trained numerous dancers who have gone on to highly successful professional dance careers.  Whether a dancer dreams of moving into the professional world of performing arts, or  just wants to have fun in recreational dance classes, our intent is to utilize our teaching experience and instincts to make a positive difference in their talents, abilities and self esteem. We bring in internationally-known, Emmy-nominated professional guest Master Teachers and choreographers to offer extra enrichment for our students in special workshops and intensives throughout the year.​

  In addition, All That Jazz's Staff and performing groups have been featured in many magazine articles for their excellence in instruction and performance. The studio has won numerous awards nationally for excellence, and notably in the Rogue Valley have been called, "Southern Oregon's experts in jazz (dance)...." by SO Dance News.​


3. Our Customer Service - Desk staff are available during most afternoon class times to provide assistance.  Questions that are not urgent are answered within 48 hours via our website contact form/email. For Real-Time studio notices and announcements..or to post a question for an answer within 24 hours, please "like" our studio facebook page and become a fan.

​      Instructors are happy to take time after class to answer questions and give our parents and students the attention they deserve.  In order to ensure that our students receive the best instruction possible, our studio limits all of our classes (ages 8 and up) to a maximum of 18-20 students per class.  With our "preschool dance" Creative Movement classes (ages 3-7) we limit all of our classes to a maximum of 12 students per class.   We love to have prospective students and their parents visit us.  You are always welcome to sit and watch from our designated viewing areas!


4. Our Annual Dance Concert (Performance), and Elite Youth Performance Companies - We host a Spring performance ("Celebrate Dance!") each year at the Grants Pass Performing Arts Center, typically during the second weekend of June. All dance classes are included, and each participates in a professional photo shoot the Saturday prior to the show, in costume. Your child gets to be a star for the evening, complete with professional stage lighting, sound, props and backdrops :D

In addition to this annual concert, the studio houses three Youth Performance Companies that perform, compete, and tour around the Pacific Northwest, the US and Europe! (including at Disney World and Disneyland).  Selection for each of these groups is by audition or invitation only.  Please check our our performance group page on the website for more details.​


How Can Dance & Movement Arts Benefit My Child?​


Becoming an artist, involves more than talent, desire and discipline. Quality instruction and proper technique with solid structure is needed to create a firm foundation for mastery. Arts education (specifically in Dance and Music) has shown to increase math and spacial skill and abilities in children.


 We strongly believe that everyone's life will be enriched by an education in dance.  Dance is unique in its fusion of musicality, athleticism and performance expression.  Our wish is that our family oriented, positive environment helps to build self-esteem and an enriched appreciation for dance and the arts.


We believe that every child has a "dancer" inside of them.   Expression through movement is something that we all innately recognize and resonate with, whether we study dance or not.  All children - both girls and boys - begin responding to music and rhythm, and expressing themselves through movement at a very young age.  Some even before they can walk or talk.  Dance is as natural as breathing, eating, speaking. 

​Please take a moment to read our Testimonials Page here on the website, and see what parents and dancers are saying about the studio. If you are looking for a dance school for your child, All That Jazz is the place!



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